Conflict Urbanism


Conflict Urbanism: Aleppo is a project in two stages.

First, we have built an open-source, interactive, layered map of Aleppo, at the neighborhood scale. Users can navigate the city, with the aid of high resolution satellite imagery from before and during the current civil war, and explore geo-located data about cultural sites, neighborhoods, and urban damage.

Second, the map is a platform for storytelling with data. We are inviting collaborators and students to bring new perspectives and analyses into the map to broaden our understanding of what's happening in Aleppo. Case studies will document and narrate urban damage — at the infrastructural, neighborhood, building, social, and cultural scales — and will be added to the website over time.

We invite ideas and propositions, and hope to build on the data we have compiled here to create an active archive of the memory of destruction in Aleppo through investigation and interpretation, up close and from a distance.

Note: the platform is not optimized for mobile use
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Project Team

Name Project role
Laura Kurgan Principal Investigator
Madeeha Merchant Project Lead, Interactive Map
Jamon Van Den Hoek Collaborator
Grga Basic Research Associate
Dare Brawley Research Associate
Mike Howard Research Assistant
Violet Whitney Research Assistant
Michael Storm Research Assistant
Nadine Fattaleh Research Assistant